How Can I Tell When My Subaru Needs New Tires?

Service technician holding tire

How Can I Tell When My Subaru Needs New Tires?

Do I Need New Subaru Tires?

It’s no secret that your tires are one of your car’s most critical features—after all, how else can you blast off with track-tier speeds or come to an instant halt during your commutes to avoid a fender bender?

So, it goes without saying you’ll eventually need a Subaru tire replacement service—but is there a way to know when you need a new set of tires? Stick with us today as we’ll look at the major red flags in your wheel area—and don't forget to schedule your tire service today online at Subaru of Fort Myers to help your cruises remain safe, reliable, and exhilarating.

Check the Red Flags: Symptoms of Worn Tires

When you check your tires, always start by inserting a penny head first into the grooves—do you see the top of President Lincoln’s head? If so, it’s time for a new set of tires as your current tread is in the late stages of balding and will impact your performance soon.

Also, don’t forget to closely inspect your tires for any major damage—if you see a cracked sidewall or any visible breaks in the tread, schedule service with us immediately before you experience a potentially dangerous blowout on the road.

Even when driving, pay close attention to your impacts, like when you smack a curb or hit a pothole, as these can also cause tread damage. Likewise, if you don’t see any noticeable breaks or holes, our experts can still inspect your tires to help ensure they’re still safe to drive with.

Expanding Your Mileage: Tips for Boosted Tire Life

Start by scheduling a tire rotation, as our techs will alter the placement of your tires on your car, which helps the wear spread more easily (especially on front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles) since one set of tires typically takes more weight and pressure when launching you from a halt or when you come to a stop.

Also, keep your tires topped off with the right amount of fresh air—too little or excessive air can result in your tire blowing out on the highway, which is not only costly but dangerous since your vehicle can spin out of control.

Tire Service Made Easy: Visit Fort Myers

Wondering how to schedule your tire service online in seconds? Visit the Subaru of Fort Myers website, click our service page, and click Schedule Service, and let us know how we can help with a tire replacement.

You can also set an appointment time that works for your schedule for full convenience. While you’re here, we’re also dedicated entirely to you, so don’t be afraid to ask us about tire repair services or how to check your tread depth on the go.