What Engine Oil Does My Subaru Need: Regular or Synthetic?

Service technician pouring oil in vehicle

What Engine Oil Does My Subaru Need: Regular or Synthetic?

Oiling Up Your Subaru…But What Type Should You Choose

There’s no denying a Subaru oil change is one of the most critical maintenance services you can do for your vehicle. However, there’s always a big question that pops up: Should you opt for regular vs synthetic oil?

And more importantly, is there even a difference between these two oil types? Not to worry, as today we’ll discuss why you’ll pick one fluid over the other—and if you’re due for service now, schedule your Subaru oil change service today at Subaru of Fort Myers.

Do I REALLY Need Synthetic Oil If I Like Performance?

Do you like pushing your BRZ to its full limits or taking your WRX STI to the track to test out its full performance potential? Then without a second thought, synthetic oil works best for you since this fluid delivers the highest lubrication levels while also boosting your resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdowns, which ultimately means it holds up better when you push your gas pedal to the floor.

After all, at high speeds, your motor heats up faster and will need an oil that will keep up (and since you’re riding in a model that’s all about performance, you’ll be testing out your acceleration frequently).

However, even if you’re not all about experiencing the spirit of the track, synthetic oil still helps you out by keeping your motor cleaner from sludge and contaminants since synthetic blends often contain fewer impurities and better resist the formation of nasty substances. Also, since the viscosity is better in a synthetic blend, this fluid will hold up in ultra-hot Florida temperatures at a better rate (and flow more smoothly if you leave to somewhere cold during the winter).

So…Should I Ever Consider Conventional Oil?

Even though synthetic engine oil works better for performance-driven vehicles, that’s not to say you should never consider conventional engine oil. After all, conventional blends often cost less—so if your motor doesn’t already demand synthetic oil and you don’t push your engine to its limits, there’s usually no harm in opting for a conventional blend.

Also, conventional oil still pushes out your contaminants and lubricates your motor parts—so if you mostly commute around Fort Myers at a city-pace, you can usually save you money by choosing conventional—however, if you’re ever unsure, ask a member of our team (who work with factory-trained technicians daily), and we'll give you a more thorough answer based around your personal driving style.

Subaru of Fort Myers: Covering Your Subaru Oil Change Needs

When it’s time for an oil change, don’t risk damaging your Subaru vehicle—instead, visit us at Subaru off fort Myers and schedule your Subaru oil change for service by factory-trained professionals. Also, if you still have questions about regular vs synthetic oil, feel free to ask a team member for guidance, and we’ll assist in any way possible.