Summer in Fort Myers is full of fun adventures to go on with family and friends, but is your vehicle properly serviced to take you there? Spring is one of the best times of the year to service your Subaru vehicle around Punta Gorda because it allows us to address any issues brought up over the winter before the weather gets hot and you set out to find the perfect beach spot. From changing your motor oil and rotating your tires, to replacing the air filters and windshield wipers, our Subaru service center is here to get your vehicle ready for the summer.

What is Spring and Summer Servicing

After driving around Cape Coral all winter, there are areas of your vehicle that could need servicing. One area that we recommend is your motor oil. The hot summer weather can cause your motor oil to get thicker. If the oil is already dirty or the oil filter is dirty, the motor oil can clog, preventing it from doing its job, which can result in your engine running less efficiently. Instead, we'll change your motor oil and filter and get your ready to drive many miles around Estero this summer with confidence.

We also recommend getting your tires rotated in the spring. Your front tires will wear down faster than your rear tires. This causes your vehicle to not reach its full potential on accelerating, stopping, or steering. If you wait too long, your front tires can wear down too much and you'll have to replace them. Instead, we encourage you to bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation. We'll rotate the front and back tire positions, encouraging equal tire wear and allowing you to drive on your same tires for longer.

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